Rheumatology treatment

The Thermes de Cilaos are approved for rheumatological conditions and sequelae of osteo-articular trauma (RH)
The rheumatology cure is approved for 18 days, on prescription from your doctor.

Rheumatological conditions and osteo-articular sequelae:
– Osteoarthritis in all locations;
– Neuralgia;
– Tendonitis, periarthritis;
– Sequelae of fractures.

Joint Pain Syndromes:
– Inflammatory rheumatism.

The care provided for rheumatology:
Baths with underwater showers,
Baths with Aerobaths,
General showers,
Jet showers,
Thermal mud poultices Affusion massage


Digestive cure

The thermal baths of Cilaos are approved for digestive ailments.
The digestive cure is agreed for 18 days, on prescription from your doctor.

Disorders of the digestive tract and metabolic disorders:
– Colitis;
– Crohn’s disease;
– Functional colonopathies;
– Abdominal pain;
– Transit disorders;
– Colonic diverticulosis, irritable bowel;
– Hepato-vesicular disorders.

Joint Pain Syndromes:
– Inflammatory rheumatism.

Care provided for digestive diseases:
Abdominal poultice,
Baths with immersion shower,
General shower,
Jet shower,
Local hepatic douche.

Cure diabetes

The special diabetes cure offers therapeutic education workshops.
A multidisciplinary team works with patients to help them better understand their pathology, control it and reduce the risks.
A specific program has been put in place to provide ideal conditions for the approval of therapeutic gestures.
Care provided for digestive diseases:
Hydromassage baths,
But also various exceptional workshops:
– Dietary advice
– Sports and relaxation activities
– Motivational coaching

And a professional team at your service:
nurse, physiotherapist, dietician and sophrologist


Unlike the « conventioned » spa treatment 18 days, the mini spa treatment offers a shorter format of 2 to 5 days of care, does not need to be prescribed by your attending physician and does not benefit from reimbursement by the Health Insurance. Your mini-thermal cure is in all respects identical to a “contracted” thermal cure. and its therapeutic objective is identical: to relieve.

Each day, for 5 consecutive days, the curist receives between 4 and 8 treatments adapted to their health needs.
The daily duration of the treatments is between one and two hours.

5 days

Lumbago Mini-Cure

A program of 26 treatments to relax the muscles of your back and neck and regain range of motion.
4 thermal treatments per day (in the morning):
• Hydromassage bath • Clay poultice application
• Column or affusion shower • Jet shower
6 Complementary activities (afternoon):
• 2 dry Hydromassage Bed sessions 15 mins • 1 massage 15 mins • 1 sauna access • 2 mini Hammam sessions
A certificate of no contraindication to spa treatments must be provided by the attending physician.

Mini Detox Cure

Coming soon A program of 28 treatments
4 thermal treatments per day (in the morning):
• Hydromassage bath • Clay poultice application
• Column or affusion shower • Jet shower
8 Complementary activities (afternoon):
• 1 Dry Hydromassage Bed session 15 min
• 2 seaweed wraps 30 min
• 1 massage 20 min • 1 sauna access • 1 mini Hammam session
• 1 sweating session • 1 whole body Detox scrub

A certificate of no contraindication to thermal treatments must be provided by the attending physician.


Prepare well for your cure

Before booking your treatment at the Thermes de Cilaos, you must first obtain a prescription from your doctor and reimbursement by the health insurance fund. To be reimbursed, your treatment must include 18 days of effective treatment.

In order to make your stay easier, you will find below all the practical information for a successful cure and your stay in our thermal establishment.


Your spa treatment must be prescribed by a doctor to be reimbursed. Cilaos is an approved spa for rheumatology treatments and sequelae of osteo-articular trauma (RH); diseases of the digestive and metabolic tract (AD).


• Your attending physician completes the form requesting administrative coverage (also completed by the insured). This form is provided by the Caisses Primaires.
• The doctor specifies the therapeutic orientation(s) for which the cure is requested.
• This form is then sent by the insured to his health insurance fund with various documents to provide (list specified on the form). The fund returns the payment to the insured.
You then contact our establishment to reserve your preferred treatment date. You will then receive a booking confirmation.

Your appointment with the spa doctor

The morning of the start of your treatment, you must first consult a spa doctor who will prescribe the appropriate spa treatments for your state of health. Bring your support document provided by social security (part 1), your vital card and your health book as well as all documents useful for the doctor’s diagnosis.

As soon as you arrive at the Thermes de Cilaos

After having consulted the spa doctor, you go, with the treatment prescription, to the reception of the Thermes de Cilaos where an agent will take care of your registration file.
Please introduce him to:
• Your coverage by social security (section 2).
• Your medical prescription written by the spa doctor.
From the first day, the nurse sets your schedule and you perform your care.

Don’t forget

• Your treatment accessories (swimsuit, bathing cap).

Duration of healing

It varies according to your medical prescription. Plan about 1h30 of treatment per day.

At the end of treatment

Your treatment certificate will be given to you from the Wednesday of the third week of treatment by the host(ess).

Payment for treatment

We practice partial or full third-party payment for the majority of care, except for those issued by organizations with which we do not have an agreement.

Reimbursement of co-payment

After your treatment certificate has been issued, you can, depending on the conditions, be reimbursed by your health insurance fund.

Thermal services

The Thermes de Cilaos use for all hydrotherapy treatments, the recognized therapeutic properties of its two sources of natural mineral water, renowned for the quality of its active minerals.

The baths

The thermal bath is administered at 37°C in tubs in individual cabins. The thermal baths offer you different kinds of baths lasting 10 to 20 minutes depending on medical advice.
• Bath with aerobath: whirlpool bath with underwater air intake which provides a real micro-massage and releases thermal gases. It potentiates by bubbling effect the qualities of mineral water (disinfiltration, sedation of pain and relaxation of the muscles).
• Bath with hydromassage: ensures a body massage by underwater shower on the painful parts, light massage ensuring a resumption of the venous circulation. These baths taken in various forms have relaxing effects. They are sedative, analgesic and ensure the diffusion of the ionic elements contained in the mineral water through the skin. Their use leads to a recovery of the articular amplitude with sedation of the pain and softening of the ligaments.


• Jet shower: this is a jet of pressurized thermal water with an adjustable flow rate which promotes a percussion and vibration effect on the muscle masses.
It is administered by care staff, remotely, on the parts of the body following the prescription of the spa doctor. Depending on the pressure, it has a stimulating or relaxing action.
Duration 3-5 minutes
Stand up at the back of the cabin and follow the instructions of the showerhead. The jet shower is a powerful stimulant accompanied by a circulatory tonic effect.

• Column showers: made up of 3 vertical columns each equipped with 4 thermal water inlet nozzles, they diffuse thermal water over the entire surface of the spa client’s body.
Duration 3-5 minutes
They allow, depending on the pressure used, to administer a shower of reaction or a sedative shower.

• Local hepatic showers: lying on your back, a horizontal shower with a broad jet and low pressure is administered by a hydrotherapist.
It has an antispasmodic effect, an essential complement to your liver treatment.
Bathing suit mandatory for all showers.

Thermal mud poultices

The clay contained in a bag is first immersed in thermal water at 50° for several hours. The poultices then take care of the elements contained in this water. They are then applied at 45° by the thermal agent on the parts of the body indicated on the prescription for 10 minutes. The heat causes vasoconstriction then vasodilation causing a deep decongestant action and significant sweating which detoxifies the body. The use of mud allows a sedative action on painful joints.

Post-treatment afternoons

Workshops are available in the afternoons after the cures, with the support of a coach:

ateliers post cure

Contact us to book

0262 31 72 27


⚠️ Compte tenu du contexte actuel lié à la crise COVID, l’Etablissement Thermal met tout en œuvre pour pouvoir vous accueillir et assurer votre sécurité.
Des règles exceptionnelles de sécurité sont mises en place sans nuire à l’efficacité des soins et des activités de bien-être : port du masque dans certaines zones de l’établissement, distanciation physique, marquage au sol, nettoyage et désinfection des mains, limitation de la fréquentation dans les locaux, renforcement du protocole de nettoyage et de désinfection des équipements entre chaque curiste et clients.

Le pass sanitaire est obligatoire. Pour pouvoir bénéficier des prestations nous vous prions de bien vouloir vous présenter avec:

Un certificat de vaccination


Un test négatif 


Un certificat de rétablissement

Vous pouvez dès à présent effectuer vos réservations
au ☎️0262 31 72 27 ou
par mail ✉️ contact@thermescilaos.re

A très vite !