A word from the president

« I would like to welcome you to the Thermal Establishment Irénée Accot, located in Cilaos, a village particularly popular with both Reunion residents and tourists.

The quality of Cilaosian thermal waters is recognized. The Departmental Council therefore wished to enhance and develop this establishment which contributes to the tourist and economic dynamics of Cilaos.

Whether you come for treatment or well-being services, the Department wishes to offer you the best, so that this moment is unforgettable and exceptional, in this beautiful setting nestled in the heights of Reunion.

I wish you a good stay, inviting you to take full advantage of this moment of tranquility and revitalization.  »


President of the Departmental Council

The thermal baths

3 reasons to go « to the baths » 1. Waters with proven healing properties Taken from the depths of the volcanic mass of Piton des Neiges in order to preserve their purity, the thermal waters of Cilaos are natural carbogasous mineral waters predominantly bicarbonated with sodium, magnesia, calcium and ferruginous. These characteristics promote the prevention and treatment of rheumatological diseases (RH) and diseases of the digestive and metabolic tract (AD). 2. Adapted and individualized care Discovered In the 19th century, the Irénée sources (water at 37 ° C dedicated to external care) and Véronique (water at 31 ° C reserved for drinking cures), with a high mineralization rate (between 1,200 and 1,700 mg / l), have been operated since 1988 by the Etablissement Thermal Irénée Accot. In this recently renovated center, the only spa in the Indian Ocean, qualified staff provide all hydrotherapy treatments: aerobatic or hydromassage baths, jet showers, columns or liver spots. 3. Massages by a qualified physiotherapist To relieve tension and relieve ailments such as osteoarthritis, a qualified professional performs massages under an affusion of thermal water. As needed, it provides a relaxing and draining massage over the whole body or located on painful joints, skin areas or viscera.

The thermal water

Two natural sources of mineral water supply Les Thermes: the « Véronique » spring and the « Irénée » spring.

They are captured in depth in order to maintain their purity and their composition is officially recommended for the prevention and treatment of rheumatological conditions, diseases of the digestive system and metabolic diseases.

The exploitation authorization was granted by the Minister of Health in 1972. Their high mineralization, between 1,200 and 1,700 mg / l results from several cumulative inheritances during the crossing of the deep layers under the Piton massif of snow.

The “Véronique” source, reserved for drinking cures, springs naturally at 31 ° with a flow rate of 10,000 liters / hour. The “Irénée” source, reserved for outpatient care, springs naturally at 37 ° with a flow rate of 8,000 liters / hour.

Testimonials from curists

« I was commissioned twenty years in
Africa, twelve in Guyana and two in Haiti. Back on the island in 2012, I was extremely tired. So I asked to follow a cure in Cilaos, like my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother in the past. Since then, I have been going there every year and the treatments have the virtues of a rejuvenation! I am recovering my health which allows me to continue my activities.  »
Suzelle Gérard, 84 years old,
nun of the congregation of Saint-Joseph de Cluny

« I have been treating my osteoarthritis for more than ten years in Cilaos. I like going there for the quality of the thermal waters, the variety of treatments offered, the welcoming staff – I have the impression of being among friends – and the exotic environment – when I look up, I feel believe in paradise! And then two to three weeks after the treatment, I feel very relaxed. And above all, I find great mobility.  »
Maurice Masson, 75,
retired teacher and volunteer at Ucor

«I have already had four cures to relieve cervical spondylosis. I particularly like hydromassage baths and showers: they give me indescribable well-being in my shoulders and neck! And when I return, after a fortnight during which I remain sensitive, my pain subsides for six to eight months.  »
Suzanne Dijoux, 76 years old,
teacher then retired hotel manager